There are two kinds of cards in this game - your hero cards with the characters on them and the mana cards that resemble playing cards.

Mana cards are similar to a regular deck of playing cards, but there are a few differences. There are no face cards, but the deck has two tens.

The mana cards' total pip value in your hand dictates how much damage your heroes do to the enemy. The more mana, the more damage, as long as you stay below 21. If the total value of the cards you have drawn goes over 21 you can't attack and your turn will end.

Ace can be either one or 11. Ace is counted as 11 if the total value of your hand stays under 21 but ace is counted as one if 11 would take your hand over 21.

Mana cards have four suits that match the element of your heroes: green with a leaf symbol is nature, blue with a drop symbol is water, red with a flaming heart symbol is fire, and yellow and purple clovers are light and dark respectively. The suit of the cards in your hand determines which of your heroes will attack on that turn. The yellow and purple clover will activate heroes of both light and dark element. If you get 21, then all your heroes will attack. Remember that if your party of heroes does not include a certain element, then drawing cards of that suit will not activate an attack. Therefore, it is often a good strategy to have heroes of multiple elements/suits in your party.

The deck is shuffled when there are five cards left in the deck.