Heroes can have three type of skills: Normal skills, combo skills, and a leader skill.

Skills and combo skills recharge a bit after each attack you do. If you go over, or if none of your heroes attack due to not having a matching element in your hand, the skill will not charge that turn. Use the skills by tapping your hero card in battle and tapping the skill when the skill is fully charged. If your hero is frozen, silenced, or stunned by the enemy, then your hero can't use its skill until the effect is removed and the hero is free again.

Combo skills require two, or sometimes three heroes to activate. A combo skill is available if your party includes both heroes required for the skill. If the combo heroes have a different cooldown for the skill, for example if one is more upgraded than the other, then both heroes need to have the skill fully charged before the combo skill can be used. If either combo hero is frozen, silenced, or stunned, then the combo skill will not be available for either hero, because you need both heroes for the skill.

Leader skills are passive skills that you do not need to charge or activate during battle. Leader skills improve your stats or activate every time you draw 21, depending on the skill. A leader skill is active when that hero is the leader of your party. The first hero on the left is the leader of your party. When you use a friend as a reinforcement in story mode, the reinforcement hero's leader skill or "friend skill" is also active in addition to your own leader skill. If the reinforcement is not your friend, then the friend skill will not be active. When fighting the Titan and using a guild member as your reinforcement, their friend skill will be active even if they are not on your friend list.