Fight the Titan again and again to increase your slay count. Every time you beat the Titan, it will go into hiding. After you play dungeons, it will re-emerge as a tougher, next-level Titan.

Once the Titan becomes too hard to beat on your own, take a Guild Reinforcement with you. The added strength of the reinforcement hero and a 25% boost to your attack could swing things in your favor. You can only use each guild member as a reinforcement once during the week-long Titan season.

Pay attention to what skills this week's Titan has. Some can burn, you so you better prepare with water potions! Some Titans have a nasty skill that flips your DEF to negative. That not only removes all your defense, but also does extra damage, as your defense will be negative. You may want to use low DEF heroes for this Titan and not use defense runes, because defense can hurt you in this instance. Your Shield skills might also be useless, as zero defense means zero shield.

You don't have to beat the Titan in one go. You can fight the Titan again and continue where you left, as the Titan health bar is not refilled between the fights as long as you fight the Titan before it goes back into hiding. It will emerge from hiding when you complete a dungeon, but its health bar will be full again.

You have one week to beat the same Titan as many times as you can, and then the Titan season will end. Rewards will be given to the top guilds with the highest total slay counts. The next Titan will appear starting at level one again, but this time with different skills and abilities requiring a new strategy.