Doing well in the Dark Maze isn't always easy, but there are a few tips to help you come up with an effective strategy.

Some enemies in the maze possess special abilities which make them completely immune to damage from certain types of heroes. Be sure to check out these enemy traits before entering the Dark Maze. You can tap the boss trait icons before entering the maze to learn more about what those traits do. It might also useful to check out the suggested hero traits for that level. After all, it wouldn't be wise to enter the maze with only Spell Casters in your party if the monsters in that section happen to be immune to Spell Caster damage! You can view your heroes' traits by tapping the trait icons found on their Hero Cards.

Paying attention to the elements belonging to each of the maze monsters wouldn't hurt either. Some monsters even heal from attacks of the same element!

A sound strategy might include using only heroes to which the maze monsters in a particular section aren't immune, or forming a party with heroes of a mixture of traits and elements.

If you end up stuck in a stalemate against your enemies, you can always leave the level, but at a price! Choosing to abandon the fight from the menu options will result in a 20% HP penalty to your party. Best select your party members wisely to avoid this!