Zibuls can be used to unlock, upgrade, or convert your heroes' Awaken Skills.

There are three types of Zibuls. White Zibuls are Unlock Zibuls, which can be sacrificed in place of heroes in order to awaken a skill. A 3-star White Zibul can unlock a 3-star Awaken Skill. Likewise, a 4-star White Zabul can unlock a 4-star Awaken Skill.

Red Zibuls are Convert Zibuls that can not only reawaken a skill but also preserve its rank. Reawakening a skill normally randomizes the rank, but using a Red Zibul preserves it so that only the skill's functionality is re-randomized. So if you get a good rank like silver or gold, but want a different skill, Red Zibul is the one for you. Red Zibuls can only be used to reawaken an Awaken Skill you already have. For example, a 3-star Red Zibul can convert only a 3-star Awaken Skill, while a 4-star Red Zibul can convert only a 4-star Awaken Skill.

Orange Zibuls are Upgrade Zibuls. They can be used to upgrade an Awaken Skill you already have to a higher rank. Happy with the skill but not the rank? Then Orange Zibul is your friend! One Orange Zibul will increase your rank by one grade. For example, bronze will upgrade to silver, and silver to gold. Like with other Zibuls, the rarity matters. For example, a 3-star Orange Zibul can upgrade only a 3-star Awaken Skill.

Zibuls of any sort can be quite useful, so be sure to collect plenty of Shiny Bits from the Dark Maze to get your hands on some!